Industry Sectors


Eberhart Capital, LLC specializes in growth-driven, return strategies in the US and global markets. At Eberhart Capital we understand each organization consists of unique, family-grown stories that include real people who have put their lives into their work and companies.  We carry the strength of investments from an array of industries, including the oil and gas, industrial manufacturing, freight logistics, construction, and land development industries. We are proud to include companies of varying sizes, markets, and stages of development. Eberhart Capital prioritizes growth and collaboration between the investment company, the community, and the firm as a whole. Harnessing the investment company's legacy of ambition and community resources with our financial and technical background, we use a corporate and local approach to restructure, build, and manage these assets. We are seeking and managing established, quality companies that we can own and upon which we can promote growth within the company as well as within the industry, whether it be the national or international scale.

Eberhart Capital