Dan K. Eberhart, Managing Director

Dan K. Eberhart is the founder and managing partner of Eberhart Capital, LLC. Eberhart Capital, LLC, is a leading private equity firm with committed capital in the nine figures and approximately 1,500 employees from varied business sectors. Mr. Eberhart has led dozens of acquisitions throughout his career. His primary focus is on long-term investments within the oil and gas, freight transportation, manufacturing (industrial), construction and rentals, and development industries.

Mr. Eberhart also serves as Chief Executive Officer of Canary, LLC. Since he became the company’s CEO in 2009, Mr. Eberhart has personally overseen the acquisition of the several companies that currently comprise Canary; the company has become the largest privately held wellhead company in the U.S. under his leadership.

Before he joined Canary, Mr. Eberhart served as Vice President of Acquisitions for Greene’s Energy Group, LLC, in Houston, Texas; and prior to that, as Vice President of Acquisitions for Oklahoma-based Robson Energy, LLC. During his time with Robson, Mr. Eberhart worked on divestments and acquisitions valued between $500,000 and $35,000,000.

In addition to overseeing the day-to-day operations of Eberhart Capital and Canary, Mr. Eberhart maintains a busy speaking schedule at oil and gas as well as mergers and acquisitions - related conferences around the world. He maintains a blog hosted on Canary’s website.

Mr. Eberhart is originally from Georgia. He attended Vanderbilt University and earned degrees in economics and political science. He earned his Juris Doctorate from Tulane Law School. Mr. Eberhart is a member of the North Dakota Petroleum Council; the Colorado Oil and Gas Association; and the Los Angeles World Affairs Council. He was included in Hart’s Energy Who’s Who.

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