Organizational Strengths

With committed capital of over $100 million and the strength of a workforce of over 1,000 employees, Eberhart Capital, LLC companies are spread throughout North America.

Our team of principals has decades of experience, knowledge, and networking contacts stretched across several industries. Our top-notch team makes it possible for Eberhart Capital to explore industry opportunities on a national and international scale with the sensitivity and insight of an investor familiar with regional markets, industry developments, and community relations. Furthermore, Eberhart Capital’s team has worked together for a significant number of years benefiting from a strong sense of cohesion, loyalty, and trust throughout the staff.

Eberhart Capital collaborates with and actively engages local management to develop and implement best practices and strategic plans that match both parties' long-term goals. Our operational background shortens the learning curve required to understand the business, so we are able to quickly and efficiently create comprehensive, strategic, and actionable business plans from the start.

Eberhart Capital