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Dan K. Eberhart


My lifelong desire to develop and manage a company has developed alongside my love of learning and reading. From an early age, I created various “corporations” with developed financial and production structures and with my siblings as "employees." While reading the classics assigned by my teachers, I was "supplementing" with free annual reports of large and small corporations which I ordered in the mail, the weekly Wall Street Journal, and various books on business and economic giants and trends. For me, reading opened up the world of economics, business, and politics. In addition to my "start-up" companies, I sold candy on the school bus after buying it cheaply at the local convenience store. Alas, that was a long time ago...

Little did I realize but I was grooming myself for exciting future endeavors through school. My early experiences with the 4-H program lasted through my middle and high school years, contributing greatly to my confidence, my willingness to take risks, and my tolerance and excitement for competition (i.e. personal or business). I enjoyed campaigning and winning my leadership term as President of the Georgia 4-H program. I went on to aggressively campaign for the TN Republican Party and served as President of the Vanderbilt College Republicans for three years. I had the honor of hosting several very interesting speakers from the political spectrum at Vanderbilt University as well as being very involved with the Leadership Institute in Washington, DC. These educational and leadership opportunities were formative and gave me a drastic edge over my peers in the following years of my college, law school, post-grad business, and political aspirations.

My interests and knowledge base in economics and politics developed further while attending Vanderbilt University and Tulane Law School. These activities taught me two important leadership qualities: Being prepared and being decisive (even though sometimes you will be wrong). I quickly learned which areas of the law would be most informative and advancing for my business dreams and aggressively entered the market of mergers and acquisitions. What I love most about mergers and acquisitions is that you have the flexibility to take risks and the opportunity to take something which someone built from the ground up and to make it even better. Along the way, my team and I have begun to make our own mark, creating our own storied enterprises in several business sectors.

Being a part of the shale revolution has been amazing and thrilling. Eberhart Capital, LLC can proudly claim their contribution to producing energy in the US, while adding jobs and reducing dependence on foreign oil. Over time, I've noticed how important the current and future generations are in furthering the industries in which Eberhart Capital has chosen to invest. This connection between different generations is creating strength and stability for the unknown future. It always amazes me how much insight existing businesses have into their respective industries.

Forever the optimistic risk-taker, I enjoy finding, investing in, and building companies. It is very exciting and rewarding to be a part of a team that creates jobs and promotes economic growth on a local, national, and international level.

As J. Paul Getty said, "My formula for success is rise early, work late, and strike oil."

- Dan K. Eberhart

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