Our Approach

Domestic Strategy

Eberhart Capital, LLC specializes in growth-driven, return strategies in the US and global markets. Collaboration and mutual respect are integral to success, so we look for like-minded management teams who share our vision of growth and value creation. Our friendly and confident team makes transition as smooth as possible for all involved, whether the investment is a small family-operated company or a large corporation. Harnessing their legacy of ambition and community resources with our financial and technical background, we work as peers, creating a win-win for everyone.


Distressed Assets

In addition to our portfolio companies, we also provide solutions for distressed family-grown companies. By working counter cyclically, we are well-suited to help financially troubled industrial companies survive, thrive, & grow. We are an asset management firm focused on investing equity or debt in the largest segment of the US economy – small and medium-sized private industrial businesses. As the leading investment partner, bringing our professional team, large-market resources and expertise to middle-market businesses generally with revenues of over $10 million and EBITDA of under $20 million.

Eberhart Capital provides custom liquidity solutions for investors through secondary purchases of individual interests or portfolios of limited partnership interests.

We focus on risk-adjusted financial returns to build a positive economic impact and job creation helping small businesses succeed.


International Strategy

As we branch out onto the international scale, Eberhart Capital hopes to use its professional and financial assets to establish itself within other developed as well as emerging economies. We understand the various stages of these businesses and industries which will eventually compete on a global scale. We also understand our social and financial responsibility in supporting these industries. The volatility of emerging markets around the world are exactly where Eberhart Capital sees opportunity. Specifically, we hope to participate in the changing markets and globalization as an inevitably powerful and opportunity-driven force. We understand these various regional markets and industry sectors are all in a constant flux of varying stages of growth, development, and capitalization. We believe in using a corporate and local approach to restructuring, building, and managing these assets.

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Domestic Strategy
International Strategy