Investment Philosophy

We believe that a diverse portfolio is vital to promotion of growth within the different industry sectors and to the security of a firm’s overall market health. Outside of our portfolio companies, we are also equipped to handle equity or debt investments in middle-market industrial firms, including financially troubled firms with strong management teams and market positions. We understand the importance of a strong portfolio of well-established organizations from which local as well as regional communities and economies benefit. This strength drives growth and commitment from employees and communities. We pride ourselves in using the full force of our professional and investment capital to improve and strengthen each company in which we invest. Social and financial responsibility are both important in our investments. We understand each organization consists of unique, family-grown stories that include real people who have put their lives into their work and companies. We are seeking and managing established, quality companies that we can own and upon which we can promote growth within the company as well as within the industry, whether it be the national or international scale.

Phoenix Arizona
Houston Texas
Los Angeles California