Collaboration with Eberhart Capital

At Eberhart Capital, LLC, we focus our resources and strategy on identifying, assessing, and offering our financial and industrial experience to our collaboration with strong local management teams and committed personnel. We focus on carefully assessing and aligning our interests with businesses willing to move forward through innovation while maintaining their core strengths.

We provide strategic and operational expertise throughout the entire acquisition cycle. Our firm is comprised of experienced professionals with years of relevant industrial and technical experience. We are investors, lawyers, engineers, operators, and business owners. With careful examination and planning, Eberhart Capital brings to the table the financial, operational, and industrial insight to propel its investments forward into the national and global markets.

Long-term Partnership

We view each of our partnerships as a unique opportunity. We're flexible and creative in structuring the best transaction for everyone involved. By working closely to ensure a common definition of success from the onset of the relationship, we cultivate investment strategies that align with the goals of each management team.

Eberhart Capital has a cautious and long-term investment approach. Our focus is on building partnerships centered on lasting success. Our company’s successes are our successes, so from the start of a relationship, we do our best to define a clear relationship and transition for our investments. At Eberhart Capital, we strive to provide unique assistance and resource management to every company we have acquired, honoring their legacies.


Eberhart Capital has been fortunate to expand within several markets and communities. With that growth comes the responsibility to contribute positively to the areas in which we operate.

Charitable Endeavors

Eberhart Capital, LLC has a powerful role to play in strengthening our communities. Our strong sense of social responsibility and desire to make a meaningful social impact is at the heart of all our community involvement initiatives. We believe we have more to offer than just our checkbook. Our deep commitment to skills-based volunteering, pro-bono work, and thought leadership serves as the foundation of our multi-faceted community involvement strategy throughout all of our investment companies.

Our Charitable Endeavors program places an emphasis on educational activities targeted toward youths developing their future through programs that strive to improve the health and well-being of individuals within their respective communities.


  • An organization requesting support must have 501(c)(3) status.
  • Support is provided for specific programs rather than for general funding.
  • Support is not provided to organizations with strictly a sports focus or individuals.
  • Any request for support must be in writing & must contain the information outlined below.
  • Support is provided primarily to local organizations where Eberhart Capital companies are located.
  • Please allow at least 15 business days for us to consider your request.

Funding Proposal

  • Letter date
  • Organization’s name and contact information
  • Organization’s federal tax-exemption number
  • Contact person’s name, title, & contact information
  • Dollar amount of funding request
  • Organization’s current budget (attach separately)
  • Copy of requesting organization’s 501(c)(3) IRS letter
  • List of board members and other key affiliates

Additional Information

  • Methodology for measuring and evaluating program success
  • Description of promotional plans for the program or event
  • Brief history & mission of the organization
  • How the local community will benefit from the program
  • Detailed description of the program to be funded
  • Explanation as to why Eberhart Capital or their subsidiaries are considered to be appropriate donors
  • Methodology for measuring and evaluating program success
  • Description of promotional plans for the program or event
    • What you hope to accomplish
    • How do you intend to accomplish the above

Please send requests to

Eberhart Capital