Letter to the President: Tariffs Will Slow Oil & Gas Growth

5 March 2018

Scottsdale, AZ, Monday, March 5, 2018 Tariffs are just another name for a tax. President Trump has pushed important, pro-energy reforms, only to take a step back with the imported steel/aluminum tariff. Check out Dan K. Eberhart’s letter to President Trump. The post Letter to the President: Tariffs Will Slow Oil & Gas Growth appeared first on Canary, LLC.   Read More at Canary

President’s Energy and Environment Executive Order Will Help Move US Closer to Energy Independence

19 April 2017

Houston, TX, Wednesday, April 19, 2017 – President Donald Trump’s executive order on energy will move the United States a step closer to fully harnessing the economic benefits of a vibrant oil and gas industry, says Dan K. Eberhart, CEO of Canary, LLC. The “Promoting Energy Independence and Economic Growth” order, signed March 28, seeks to ensure that US climate policies, in their efforts to protect the environment, don’t sacrifice the health of the country’s energy industry. It calls for the review, suspension, and – in some cases – rescission of climate policies found to…   Read More at Canary

Energy’s American Access Pipeline

9 March 2017

In a perfect world, infrastructure – roads, bridges, ports, and the like – would remain pristine indefinitely. But this isn’t a perfect world. Infrastructure exposed to heavy use, tough weather conditions, and the eroding effects of corrosion gets beaten and battered. Things fall apart. In the U.S. in fact, our infrastructure is in such bad shape that it gets a dismal D+ grade overall from the American Society of Civil Engineers. That mark is an embarrassment for a developed nation, but shame is the least of our problems. Infrastructure issues cost America billions of dollars each year.   Read More at Canary

2017 Energy Bright

3 January 2017

From sluggish to slumped to slightly on the mend, energy prices have taken the industry on a harrowing ride the past couple of years. What will 2017 bring? With evidence that US shale producers beat OPEC at its own game – outlasting the cartel after it refused to cut production during a worldwide glut, a position it recently reversed to remedy member nations’ financial woes – a drawdown of inventories is expected. Of course, fluctuations in global demand and the possibility that OPEC will cheat on its promise to cap output may mean excess supplies won’t completely disappear. But still,…   Read More at Canary

All Eyes on OPEC, For the Last Time?

30 November 2016

Houston, TX, November 30, 2016 – When OPEC members, led by Saudi Arabia, decided in 2014 to keep oil production high despite a global glut, it sent prices into a tailspin. It’s widely thought the move was intended more than anything to drive as many U.S. shale producers as possible out of business. But the surprise was on OPEC: while American oil and gas companies have sweated out the past two years, cutting jobs and idling rigs – with a few firms leaving the market entirely — for the most part, they have proven to be exceptionally resilient. The same spirit of innovation that…   Read More at Canary

ND Wellhead Field Service Technician

16 November 2016

Position: Wellhead Field Service Technician Experience: 3+ years Location: Watford City, ND JOB DESCRIPTION Safely install, remove, repair, assemble, disassemble, and test wellhead equipment (casing heads, casing spools, tubing heads, valves, etc.) in shop and onshore environments in accordance with Canary, LLC and OEM procedures. DUTIES Prepare accurate field service tickets / job reports and other administrative forms as required Responsible for assigned vehicle maintenance and inspection Conduct job safety analysis May assist in developing job action planning with customer on location Inst…   Read More at Canary

Low Crude Prices Hurt Cartel more than U.S. Shale

26 September 2016

Houston, TX, September 26, 2016 — During the International Energy Forum, Sept. 26 – 28 in Algeria, members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) will convene informally to discuss how to stabilize slumping global oil prices. Crude is currently trading in the $43 range, less than half what it was in 2014 and about a quarter of the 2008 peak. The largest drop of all time. Although the low-price environment has caused job losses and capital spending cutbacks in the U.S. crude oil sector, Dan K. Eberhart, CEO, Canary, LLC, says the unofficial OPEC meeting is evidence…   Read More at Canary